Outdoor Furniture

Handmade by bamboo

Mudha furniture is available in a variety of styles and designs, making it a great option for any home or office. There is something special and unique about mudha furniture that makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. 

It is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor use because of its durability and comfort. Mudha chairs, Mudha tables, and Mudha stools are all designed to provide a comfortable sitting experience.

  • Mudha chairs

    Mudha chairs (24)

    Outdoor Furniture

    Handmade by bamboo
    Mudha chairs, also known as bamboo mudda chairs, are an important part of many homes and businesses. They are versatile and affordable furniture that can provide a number of different functions. From providing a functional step to reach higher shelves to providing seating in tight spaces, Mudha Chairs are a great addition to any home or business. Offer for Chairs - Baby Chairs/Small Chairs/Medium Chairs/Large Chairs/Extra Large Chairs/Giant Chairs there is a chair for every size.
  • Mudha Stools

    Mudha Stools (3)

    Outdoor Furniture

    Handmade by bamboo

    Mudha stools have become a popular choice for those looking for furniture that is both stylish and sustainable. Made from natural materials such as rattan and bamboo, Mudda stool offer a unique and stylish look that is perfect for a variety of home decor styles.

     The natural materials are harvested sustainably and crafted in traditional techniques, which ensures that they are both sustainable and long-lasting. The stools are available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a unique look for your home.

  • Mudha Table

    Mudha Table (1)

    New Design

    Mudha Table
    If you are looking for a unique table that will help you create the perfect setting for your living space, you should consider the mudha table. This is a table that has a unique design that allows you to create the perfect look for any type of room in your home.
    A mudha table is a unique table design that is perfect for any room. It is made out of a single piece of Sarkanda and can be found in many different sizes and Quality. The table is made by sticks of Bamboo on top of each other. These sticks of bamboo and rope are stitched together to create a single piece.
    It is a beautiful piece of furniture that is simple and elegant. It is also a great way to create a table that is unique, colourful and eye-catching.

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    Mudda furniture is a type of furniture made from sarkanda (bamboo). The bamboo used to make mudha furniture is very strong and durable, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor (garden, laundry, terrace, etc.) use.

    Benefits & Features

    • It is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor use because of its durability and comfort.
    • It is also easy to care for and maintain.
    • Mudda chairs and Mudda tables are comfortable and look great in any setting.
    • Mudda stools are perfect for use in the garden or on the patio.

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