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  1. Looking for beautiful handicraft showpiece/unquie home decor items ?

    Make your home beautiful decor by Handicraft Showpiece Decorative Accent  which gives charming looks and impress your relative and friends. Sometime, changes in our home space gives fresh vibes.
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  2. Opportunity to work together and grow together

    Opportunity to work together and grow together with @craferiaexport


    In Craferia Export we believe grow together, as we make the products we supply our beautiful products to Retail Stores, Vendors and Resellers who wants to colloborate with us and sell our products to make money and grow together.

    This way we are contributing to the Economy of India by giving others an opportunity to make money and be independent. This also going to show that for business you don't have to have your own products your own manufacturing set up.



    If you are a Retail Store/Resellers/Vendor if yes and you have space then they can store our products if not they can work with us on order basis. We are very flexible and give opportunity to work with us.

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  3. Varieties of Bags We Offer - Craferia Export

    Varieties of Bags We Offer - Craferia Export

    As the fashion is changing every now and then, e-commerce companies like ours has to be on toes.

    We have to keep updating our Collections or stock to remain a growing player in the market


    What do we Offer -

    1. Handbags - Handbags used for the girls/woman who wants to keep small or medium size bag in a compact manner to have little but useful stuff in it.



    2. Shou

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  4. How Covid-19 Changes the course of Action for People

    How Covid-19 Changes the Course of Action for People

    We all used to go out daily and work in our office space but covid has changes our life style by 200% at least

    May be hard to accept but truth



    Now most of the time we work from home only that is the reason. We try to make our house beautiful and try to cover our walls with wall hangings. Remove all stains pit falls from the home, kitchen, walls, balconies, outside, garden, etc



    There comes the need of handicraft products like Mudha Chair, Table, Rack, and Stool, where you can sit in balcony or your garden front of your house or the products like wall hangings home decoration items which can make your table beautiful by putting handicrafts on it.

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  5. Eco-Friendly Most Affordable Cotton Bags by Local Craftmen

    Eco-Friendly Most affordable Cotton Bags by Local Craftsmen.


    Since the world is changing fast due to Global warming or Pollution, we as a responsible business people or consumer need to make or use Eco-friendly products or goods only to help our environment.

    Basis which Cotton bags are biodegradable and pollution free easy to make and can be done by local people craftsmen, which generates employment for Indian small villagers.

    That's our motivation to great a company which promotes only indigenous products to give employment to villagers and promote Indian cottage industry to overseas.We Craferia Export helping Indian handicraft and Indian small scale industry.

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  6. Feeling Behind India Cultural Handicraft or Decorative items

    Indian culture is rich in tradition so many rulers territory vast empire is the reason why it attracts people tourist around the world


    There are 2 ways to be connected with the culture.


    1. First, is to visit the monuments Palaces and to see in person

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  7. Mudha Chair Bamboo Cane Wooden Stool Furniture

    Mudha Chair Bamboo Cane Wooden Stool Furniture


    If you want Durable Handmade furniture which last many many years in half of the price you should check out Bamboo mudha which is local handicraft in india"s largest state Utter Pardesh.

    The local people who could not get higher education due to their financial reasons of the family they started using the local assests which is Bamboo Cane and started making furniture like Chair, Table, Stool home decor products handmade.

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